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My unique role as an anti-sex trafficking activist provides a critical niche. This niche has led me to a “road less travelled.” I am an investigator. I am a researcher. I have exposed alleged sex trafficking. I report alleged deceit among nonprofits which challenges their authenticity. Fraud among nonprofits can soil or ruin law enforcement investigations as integrity of nonprofits is often relied upon. There are generally no oversight boards to hold fraudulent nonprofits accountable for their work. I can provide you with my thorough report containing my documented investigations.

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The second link displays the NBC 6 news story which captured both me and my Teddy Bear truck!

This website is also creating a library of kids’ dangerous apps to include watchdog apps for parents and guardians. Innocence of youth is being lost to an entire generation. Minors are mere clicks away from offensive material that contaminate fresh eyes. The natural maturation of children and teens is being stolen. Evidence of the damage may ultimately be reflected in the success of future adult relationships. Porn has proven to be damaging. The conditioning tied to apps’ immediate gratification may also disturb the natural timelines which provide foundations for healthy relationships.

Prevent Trafficking

Above you will find a stellar home grown video. Please click it. Great effort was made to shorten the length to no more than ten minutes. The video’s success can be measured by the the intensity of reactions. Some people become angry. Others may cry. This compelling video – set to inspiring music – will provide you with a fundamental understanding of sex trafficking. I ask that you consider it “required viewing” to either initiate or deepen your knowledge of sex trafficking. The reference to “HAT” (Humans Against Trafficking) within the video refers the name of my cause prior to the current name of “Trafficked Kids Matter.”

Click here for a comprehensive report: Sex trafficking and fraudulent nonprofits. This document has been sent to officials and law enforcement across the state.

Teddy Bear Truck

Our Teddy Bear Awareness Truck is used to bring attention to the scourge of child sex trafficking.

What’s at Stake

Any vulnerable child – whether male or female – is at risk of being trafficked. Our site addresses the many dangers and perils of sex trafficking. Please introduce your self by watching the video.

Sex trafficking is modern day slavery. Sex trafficking always contains one or more of fraud, force, or coercion. Sex trafficking is three-fold. A victim. A pimp (predator). And a John.

Children who are runaways or “throw-aways” are most at risk. “Throw-aways” can be part of the LGBTQ community whose families cannot come to terms with their child’s orientation. This can happen where the dogma of religion prevails.

Sadly, in the United States, youth who are caught in the foster system are at risk. Drug addiction also attracts predators who enslave their victims through this dependency. Horrifically, there exist parents who traffic their own children for cash. Prosecution of traffickers is very rare as emotionally damaged victims are needed to testify against their predator.

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