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The Teddy Bear TruckThe Teddy Bear Truck

Teddy Bear Truck

My Teddy Bear Awareness Truck is used to bring attention to the scourge of child sex trafficking.


Any vulnerable child – whether male or female – is at risk of being trafficked. Our site addresses the many dangers and perils of sex trafficking. Please introduce your self by watching the video.

Sex trafficking is modern day slavery. Sex trafficking always contains one or more of fraud, force, or coercion. Sex trafficking is three-fold. A victim. A pimp (predator). And a John.

Children who are runaways or “throw-aways” are most at risk. “Throw-aways” can be part of the LGBTQ community whose families cannot come to terms with their child’s orientation. This can happen where the dogma of religion prevails.

Sadly, in the United States, youth who are caught in the foster system are at risk. Drug addiction also attracts predators who enslave their victims through this dependency. Horrifically, there exist parents who traffic their own children for cash. Prosecution of traffickers is very rare as emotionally damaged victims are needed to testify against their predator.


Mark Robbins BIO

I graduated with a degree in Economics from Wake Forest University. I earned an MBA from Lehigh University (4.0 GPA) and subsequently gained designations as a CMA (Certified Management Accountant) and as a CFM (Certified Financial Manager).

My work history includes teaching at the high school level while coaching three sports. I have owned both a frozen yogurt shop and a wellness emporium called THRIVE. I taught “Management and Organizational Behavior” at Lehigh University while earning my MBA. After my stay at Lehigh University I spent years in corporate finance where I was in charge of product lines, make/buy analyses, evaluations of IPO launches,, and performed work as an equities trader. Now fully independent, I have tried to make a difference in the world outside of my former career path.


I have lived by the adage “Why not me? Why not now?” I have never been a toe dipper. My twins were adopted on just twelve hours notice.

I am now in a position to work on “causes”. Yet  this has not brought forth a serenity one may expect. I don’t give up on a venture because it is hard or unpleasant.

As an independent investigative journalist I have opposed business and public corruption, pyramid schemes, sex trafficking, and fraudulent nonprofits – many whom are shockingly crooked (such as prosperity preachers). I am one of very few people to ever successfully sue a cult (Gratitude Training).

I have also been a seeker and have had stints (some long, some short) with different religions and disciplines. I was once a (conservative)Christian ministerial student but departed after encountering bigotry. Having an LGBTQ family member, I next became active in LGBTQ affirmation within the church under the Reformation Project where I learned to read the Bible within its context.

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