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It is estimated that
over 40 million people
worldwide are being
trafficked... at this
very moment.
2.2 million children are
sold into the sex trade
every year...
that equals 4 children
every minute.
Clandestine profits
stemming from forced
sexual labor are estimated
at $99 billion globally.
“ You may choose to
look the other way,
But you can never
say that you did't

Our vision is to raise awareness and bring attention to the scourge of child sex trafficking by educating the community, providing vital resources, and advocating for the prevention of this horrific and unspoken travesty.

Prevent Trafficking

The video above was created by our team. This highly compelling video – set to inspiring music – will provide you with a fundamental understanding of sex trafficking. Viewing will make you a “semi-expert” on the basics. Note: “HAT” in the video refers to the original name of our cause – “HAT” Humans Against Trafficking.

The Teddy Bear TruckThe Teddy Bear Truck

Teddy Bear Truck

Our Teddy Bear Awareness Truck is used to bring attention to the scourge of child sex trafficking.

What’s at Stake

Any vulnerable child – whether male or female – is at risk of being trafficked. Our site addresses the many dangers and perils of sex trafficking. Please introduce your self by watching the video.

Sex trafficking is modern day slavery. Sex trafficking always contains one or more of fraud, force, or coercion. Sex trafficking is three-fold. A victim. A pimp (predator). And a John.

Children who are runaways or “throw-aways” are most at risk. “Throw-aways” can be part of the LGBTQ community whose families cannot come to terms with their child’s orientation. This can happen where the dogma of religion prevails.

Sadly, in the United States, youth who are caught in the foster system are at risk. Drug addiction also attracts predators who enslave their victims through this dependency. Horrifically, there exist parents who traffic their own children for cash. Prosecution of traffickers is very rare as emotionally damaged victims are needed to testify against their predator.

Nightline Trafficking Video
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