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I have lived by the adage “Why not me? Why not now?” I have never been a toe dipper. My twins were adopted on just twelve hours’ notice.

It has become my priority  to work on “causes”. Yet this has not brought forth a serenity one may expect. I refuse to give up on a venture because it is hard or unpleasant.

Challenges are usually the precursor to change. I will continue in my commitment and dedication to making a difference and raising awareness of this worthy and horrific cause.

Please join us in our mission to end sex trafficking by educating the community, providing resources, and raising awareness.

BIO – Mark Robbins

Mark Robbins BIO

Our team has been founded on the bedrock of several compassionate and justice centered minds. We look forward to acting on innovative ideas shared with the team and with those who wish to help and support us.

Mark Robbins, CEO, began researching sex trafficking in south Florida in 2017. He became alarmed at what he learned and felt compelled to get involved with the anti sex trafficking movement as a full-time effort. He has a heart for victims and is the lead in our movement to be the voice of those who often cannot speak for themselves.

His education includes an MBA from Lehigh University (4.0) and an undergraduate degree from Wake Forest which undergirded his work in finance. Additionally, he pursued graduate classes in Ministerial studies.

Mr. Robbins has fully self-funded all the charity’s work through 2021 and is currently 501c3 pending to help expand our outreach using nonprofit status.

As impact is made through social media as well as the highly visible Teddy Bear Awareness Truck, people have been reaching out to support our mission at “” Our team trusts the organic growth we have sustained by resourcefully looking for new areas of impact and novel ideas and we hope you will join us in our fight to end child sex trafficking.

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