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Bark Parental Control App

Bark parental control app is a solid and effective control app. It strikes a balance between a kid’s/teen’s independence and a parents’ need to monitor their online safety. However, it may not be best for younger children whose maturity may not have reached the stage of online independence.

How Effective is Bark Parental Control?

– Bark is most effective at alerting parents to issues regarding immediate attention. For instance, the software intelligence at Bark would flag a student experiencing bullying or suicidal ideation.

Bark provides students with autonomy to converse with friends free from a doting parent.

Bark Control App

Outside Online Predators

Unfortunately, Bark’s user face does not track real-time location from outsiders. And, this is a big concern for all parents concerned about their child’s physical safety. A stranger knowing a youth’s physical whereabouts represents one of the great dangers of social media apps.

Online predators are patient. Deviants will invest significant time befriending and grooming a child with the goal of consummating a meeting with a child which can lead to sexual assault or trafficking. A parent would not know if their kid’s whether the contact on social media is an imposter or an innocent friend.

Bark Parental Control Tracking and Monitoring

Here’s a list of what Bark tracks:

Texts & Videos
Notes & sites visited on Chrome
Voice messages

Bark monitors the most used Email clients on IOS (Apple)

Yahoo Mail
iCloud Mail
One Drive
Comcast Mail
AOL Mail

Bark follows the following apps accounting for a bulk of communications.

Spotify – Flickr
Google Drive
One Note

Language Barriers

Bark’s outreach is limited on a global scale. English and Spanish are the only languages used. Their only country of use is in the United States.

Kids Feel Their Parent’s Love & Concern

Kids generally accept Bark when explained it is properly by parents. Like a child would wear a lifejacket as a safety measure while boating – Bark provides safety to a kid’s online experience.

Kids are generally receptive to Bark once they learn that there is a compromise between autonomy and a parent’s need to know. Parents don’t gain access to every single jot and tittles – only to online activities that indicate danger.

The weekly cost is only $3.29 per week or $ 14 per month.

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