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Dangerous Social Apps

Tinder and Blendr are DATING APPS that connect users for “dates” based on physical proximity. Both use GPS technology to find users’ locations and suggests meeting real life meetings based on proximity. While they claim to be designed for adults, Tinder has a 13-18 year old section.

Moreover, these apps and others that work in the same manner have no verification of age to ensure those on the sites are truly the ages listed.

Down is an app that works in tandem with Facebook profiles. This app used to be called Bang With Friends which sorts your Facebook contacts based on who is “down for a hook up.” The promotion of the hook up culture spreads the idea to teens and tweens that sexual encounters are as common as a tweet or a text message, and it encourages those “down to hook up” to act on that designation.

Dangerous Chat Apps

Omegle is a video chatting app that connects users with strangers. Dest the proclaimed 18 and over age limit, there’s no age verification and users £Dirty enter chats with no moderation or supervision. All video streaming is live; there are no barriers to what can be shown. Chat participants are only identified as “You” and “Stranger” propagating the idea that this app is soley devoted to communicating with strangers.

Kik or Kik messenger is a popular text messaging service. Kik users sign up with an email address and then have access to message any other Kik user. There is no restrictions or approval process. This app will allow for auser to communicate with any other user. They essentially open a virtual door into your home and your child’s life. Predators lurk!

ChatRoulette conversations can be recorded work similarly to Omegle. Anything that your teenager does or says can be at the fingertips of the stranger they are communicating with and that recording can be shared.

Dirty Sites

Porn hub

Adult sites that any child can enter by hitting the “agree” button. There are too many of these sites to list. Child porn is rampant as minors exhibit themselves.

Pornhub also dynamic video features.

Free Sex Cams

Press Start

Press Start

To start viewing random sex chat rooms, simply press the Start button. You will instantly be shown free live sex cams. You can also choose to “Allow'” access to your webcam so others can see you too.

Partner Up

Partner Up

Press the Next button to go from one webcam chat room to another. It’s fast and webcams load instantly so that you can view dozens of strangers on webcam. Keep pressina Next until you find adult cams that interest you.

Get Sexy

Get Sexy

Once you’ve found a cam girl or cam boy that turns you on, start chatting with them. You can either talk directly into your webcam or you can use the text chat area to message them. Start chattina and you could be having webcam sex within moments!

Bullying Apps

Bullying Apps – These apps can be used to anonymously bully other people. However, some of these apps are connected to GPS software that will narrow down the location of the unnamed victim leaving little question, to the intended target and spreads the message/photo to all other users in that geographic area.

While these apps are not physically connecting people, it is an anonymous forum to post horrible things about other people either as a message, photo or question to be answered. Several teen suicides have been linked to these types of apps and the psychological ramifications of being a victim of cyberbullying.

Whisper is a proprietary iOS and Android mobile app available without charge. It is a form of anonymous social media, allowing users to post and share photo and video messages anonymously. There have also been privacy concerns over Whisper’s handling of user data.

“Puff” or “Blow Skirt” App This is a strange app to say the least. This app uses Japanese (allegedly consenting) models to get its results. There is no full nudity, but your kids can still blow a lady’s dress up… literally. This could act as a harbinger to voyeurism and possible dangerous I illegal activity. This app is available across all phone platforms, though each type may call it something different. Once downloaded, the user can blow into the microphone or use a swiping motion to lift the skirts of girls in pictures. While most are wearing underwear, it still sends the wrong message. The best way to prevent this download (or preventing your kids from finding it) is to make sure your parental controls are up to speed.

Snapchat – This iPhone app allows users to send photos that will “self destruct” within l O seconds, encouraging kids to feel more comfortable “sexting” with peers. In reality- there is NO SECURITY because screen shots can be taken before ten seconds elapses. Once the recipient opens the pie, the timer starts. The picture destroys itself after the time runs out. .. unless of course a screen shot was taken.


iFunny – This app lets users create comic strips using photos and captions, and post or send them to friends. Seemingly innocuous, this app (rated for ages 17 and over) can actuaUv.have a downside ­ your kid runs the risk of exposure to humor she’s not ready for, and (perhaps more importantly) she can use the iFunny platform to bully (or be bullied by) fellow students. Once a comic strip is created it can make its way to social networks, or it can be saved to phones and computers by other users, essentially spreading the info indiscriminately to whoever wants to keep it.

Samurai Vs Zombies Defense

Samurai Vs. Zombies Defense – Yes, zombies are all the rage right now, dragging their legs and trying to eat brains on TV shows, in movies and fiction books. They’ve even made it to the app world, where would-be heroes try to rid the world of the “zombie plague,” and it gets fairly gruesome. This app, for OSX 10.7 combines samurais with zombies, and is rated by the App Store for ages nine and up for “frequent/intense cartoon and fantasy violence.” If your zombie hunter is young, opt for a more kid-friendly game instead.

9GAG No Kids Allowed

9GAG No kids allowed! –  Another way for users to spread sarcastic, degrading am potentially hurtful pictures or posts, 9GAG is a free app/social media site that focuses on uploaded images with captions and text. These images run from Disnr cartoon characters spouting abbreviated profanities to random pictures of pets. Granted, there are many harmless posts on the site; however, just scrolling through the daily favorites posted on the site will expose your innocent kiddo to crude humor, sexually suggestive material and offensive behavior.

Frontline Commando

Frontline Commando Is your kid ready for frontline action? Definitely not! Rate for ages 12 and up by the App Store, this free game for OSX users offers realistic and intense wartime violence in vivid 30, first-person shooter perspective. The heroic character is the last surviving commando in an attack against a dictator, an he hqs to fight his way through an endless supply of enemies to avenge his comrades. The blood and violent effects are blood and violent effects are fairly realistic, making it an app you don’t want your kids using.

Fortnite – A “Save the world” fantasy game with a stunning 125 million players. Danger lurks when contact is made with unknown third parties. Kids can also ne lured by offers of the online currency used in the game.

The Florida Attorney General made a major announcement involving a predator using FORTNITE

TikTok – Many have branded the app a “magnet for pedophiles” prompting investigations. It is a Chinese video app that allows users to create and share short videos with special effects. It was ld’s most downloaded app in the first quarter of 2018, with an estimated 45.8 million downloads. The popular social network app s most popular among children under 16. A BBC investigation found video-sharing app TikTok failed to remove online predators who were sending sexual messages to teenagers and children. Over three months, the investigation collected hundreds of sexual comments posted on videos uploaded by teenagers and children.

You Tube is a place to house and share your videos. You can control privacy settings. It’s also a great resource for educational videos and entertainment. And
You Tube is very proactive in not publishing salacious videos. Why Parents Should Worry: Inappropriate content has been sliced into both all­ages content and children’s content. Also, comments on videos can be extremely inappropriate and hurtful. YouTube is massive in its reach and can’t check everything in real time.

Facebook is the most well-known form of social media. Its danger lie in its size including fake profiles, bots spreading pictures using artificial intelligence, privacy concerns, false stories to include their ads, and live streaming as happened in the New Zealand shooting massacre.


Tellonym (“Tell on him”) Purpose: This is an anonymous messenger app. It calls itself “the most honest place on the internee This app is extremely popular in middle schools and high schools and it allows kids to ask and answer questions anonymously.

Why Parents Should Worry: It is a regular occurrence to see cyber bullying, violent threats, and sexual content. It also offers unmonitored access to the internet. The age restrictions are inconsistent ranging from 12 to 16, but this app is inappropriate for anyone younger than being in their late teens.

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