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NBC Shines Light on Sex Trafficking

Sex trafficking awareness is becoming more prevalent. With ongoing high-profile scandals, it is making headlines, and the news more than ever before. By talking about it and exposing the many different faces of sex trafficking we are raising awareness. NBC featured coverage at a recent event, which made a great impact as it relates to awareness.

Anti-sex trafficking advocates hope to reach an inflection point where tables are turned on the traffickers. As it stands, this is a clandestine and dark world, in which to hide. Ideally, awareness hopes to smoke out and expose the traffickers.

Politics & Sex Trafficking Awareness

This is a very intense topic, but it would be worthwhile examining the role that politics may play. In the furtherance (potential bribes) of sex, labor trafficking (agriculture and meat plants), and other crimes of sexual abuse. Animosity and competition between parties have never been more intense. The knee-jerk reaction for parties is to circle the wagons around an offender and to squelch the publication of improprieties.

Yet a party must also “cut bait.” Political parties are most interested in their survival and the power they harness. The cost/benefit ratio of sticking with a sex offender does not always warrant an ejection (consider former Alabama Governor Roy Moore of Alabama).

Yet, when the circumstantial evidence begins to layout like birdseed, jettisoning miscreants is the most beneficial decision. Florida U.S. Representative Matt Gaetz finds himself isolated. While he was in South Florida on the weekend of April 11-12, 2021, he was not welcome at a large GOP donor gathering at Trump’s Mara Lago in Palm Beach County Florida. He appears to be on his own.

NBC Highlights a “Famous” and Important Topic

The public learns more following celebrities. Epstein and his island created a ghoulish mechanism for trafficking. Yet the awareness achieved was superlative. This case also highlighted co-conspirators (Ghislainne Maxwell), judges willing to cut sweetheart deals (over a breakfast no less!), law enforcement that looked away, dogged reporters (Emily Michot / Julie Brown of the Miami Herald), and the near-supernatural courage of a few victims coming forth.

Note, however, it took years for these victims to come forth. They came forward as adults. They had the support of the very best attorneys (David Boies who represented Al Gore in the 2000 election).

High-ranking politicians, such as Matt Gaetz, or celebrities, like R.Kelly, intensify interest. People become engrossed and trafficking mechanisms are exposed. And, they learn people crave information about the mechanisms used to carry out the conspiracy. Of note, a conspiracy requires just two individuals and can elevate to federal racketeering. Racketeering was a crime established to go after mafia figures who would order a crime yet provided no physical evidence of it. Racketeering carries harsh sentences.

Sex Trafficking Awareness is Key to Change

Public awareness of trafficking is vital. Especially, as it relates to social media, and news coverage, such as the piece ran by NBC. Trafficking is a “process” crime. It is not an “event crime” or a “snapshot” offense such as a bank robbery (on video) or murder with a weapon where the evidence falls at the feet of the crime. The process of sex trafficking and its conviction is complicated:

Sex with a minor is the most direct charge that can be made. But outside of this, proving a process/conspiracy is time-consuming may not be worth the resources if a conviction is uncertain. Public awareness is paramount and the battle is a street fight.

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