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Online Resources for Parents

TraffickedKidsMatter is committed to providing online resources for parents. Such as parental control apps to help prevent children from viewing adult sites and other dangerous apps. Safety tips will be provided with the end goal of reducing the number of child victims of predators and traffickers. Continuation of our outreach will entail driving our unique “Teddy Bear Truck” (South Florida) which has generated thousands of pictures posted to social media and likely more than 100,000 views of the truck itself.

DHS Online Resources


Our team scans the internet daily for tips, warnings and online resources. As well as review numbers of informed, reputable, and scholarly publications in our work. We are made up of devoted and loyal members. Especially, our founder, Mark Robbins, a leader, an expert in the anti-trafficking realm. Mark has devoted his life to this cause after a personal experience involving his daughter. Also, our team is also made up of highly-skilled, and knowledgeable, webmasters and writers.

As an example, the “MEET ME” app was used in a sting by Palm Beach County to arrest a man who had lured a minor into a hotel room.

Guidelines for Parents & Other Interested Parties

  • Talk to Your Children

There is nothing more important than being vigilant for your young ones (up to 18). Having conversations with your kids regarding the dangers of the internet and social media is the key to protecting them from harm and potential virtual danger. Additionally, ensure the appropriate parental apps (controls) are activated.

Monitor Online Activity

It is a myth that trafficking predators largely stalk victims in playgrounds and bus stops. The most common tactic, by far, is luring children through fake profiles and online connections. Familiarize yourself with the apps your kids are using and know their passwords. If they want to meet someone in person – deny the request or personally accompany them. In addition, remove their phones if you sense something sinister. Parents must establish rigid virtual safety rules.

If You See or Read Something – Say Something!

Contact us! We can help forward your complaint to the right agency. Red flags are never to be ignored.  If you see anything that concerns you regarding the exploitation of any child, please be their voice, as they are being silenced. Law enforcement has taken very progressive steps in combatting child sex trafficking. Call them. Chances are a department near you has an expert in child internet crimes.

Recognize this National Nonprofit in D.C. and Polaris have great online resources and a 24/7 national human trafficking hotline for victims 1-888-373-7888 or Text “BeFree” 233733. Please call on behalf of victims you see in distress. “See something – say something” is the motto. Call and get a case number. It can mean the difference between life and death! Although they are located in Washington D.C., help can be deployed anywhere in the US, 24/7.

Click Here for more great online resources

Watch the video on our Homepage

Education is critical. Our home page hosts a ten-minute video that will equip you with more knowledge than you thought possible. The production of the video consumed two months. The common feedback from video viewers is that it is the most informative and stirring video they had seen on the topic of sex trafficking.

Involvement in Combatting Child Sex Trafficking

If possible, donate, volunteer, and/or become involved. Parental control can be maximized. However, this site is tailored to publish guidelines for parents and dangerous apps to help busy parents escape worries. Allow us to do the work. The traffickers, strategizing 24/7, are far more prepared than the nonprofits fighting them. Yet the child sex traffickers must be flawless. They cannot make a mistake. We only need to be right only once and take a fierce and pugilistic stand in favor of children at risk. We are closer than the these predators know.

Universal Awareness

Broad-based awareness is ultimately needed to ferret out predators slinking in darkness.etty list item
Motels with owners paid off (a favorite)
Someone’s home (another favorite). Yes, Parents do traffic their own kids.
Second floors of unfilled office buildings.
Empty industrial areas where space is plentiful.
Escorts. Clubs. Strip clubs (sometimes “overseen”)
The worst parts of town where no one wishes to meddle

Yet in each case, a tip may come from a hotel housekeeper. Motel guests. Passers-by, etc.

Take a look at the Roosevelt Hotel in Philadelphia. They are being sued for taking cash from sex traffickers and overlooking the child sex trafficking that was occurring.

Share Online Resources

Attention must seep into the unseemly parts of society. TV media, newspapers, and online resources are helping. However, if you ask a person to describe the tenants of child sex trafficking they could rarely tell you. Yet help is coming. In Florida, sex trafficking awareness education will be introduced in schools.

Parents Beware

It may be wise to assess your disciplinary methods. Times have changed. Parenting is tougher now. At one time “tough love” meant kicking a kid to the streets. They came back. Things have taken a turn for the worse, and these days drugs are laced with fentanyl. Killing our children at high rates.  One out of every four teen girls on the street is taken in by a trafficker within a week. Those on the street will do almost anything for a place to sleep, wash, and get fed. The traffickers are waiting. LGBTQ kids, foster kids, and drug-addicted youth represent the highest number of victims.

Trafficking is Subtle

Predators (many charming and well-mannered) offer themselves as compassionate protectors. Rent soon becomes demands for survival sex. Enter the cash-paying friends. Sex trafficking has started. Youth, with no options, will remain. The “devil the kids know” is better than the one they don’t know. No one wants to be on the street. Victims become terrified and cling to what feels like safety. Furthermore, young girls may have convinced themselves that they are guilty of their acts. They are afraid the police may jail them. Often a victim becomes anchored through drug addiction. Drugs act as millstones around the necks of the entrapped. Disorientation sets in and the victims may strangely bond with the perpetrator (Stockholm Effect). Victims of trafficking lose all frames of reference based on reality. Sadly, the abnormal becomes their normal.

Poverty Pushes Sex Trafficking

This should not be surprising. Any unscrupulous predator, with little ability to garner a good-paying job, would not reject a near-perfect business opportunity. Especially, with minimal chance of being convicted In 2019 the number of convictions for all 50 states, averaged 6.78. This remarkably low figure equates with a conviction rate once every two months (54 days). The total number was 339.


Mark Robbins

I have lived by the adage “Why not me? Why not now?” I have never been a toe dipper. My twins were adopted on just twelve hours notice.

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