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Parental Control Apps – Watchdog Apps – Children’s Online Safety

Parental control apps (applications) give parents and guardians the tools to serve as watchdogs for children’s online safety. Sadly, kids are a click away from shocking obscenities from apps originating around the world. What children see cannot be erased. Innocence lost cannot be regained.  And, even worse, apps are being used to lure youngsters into the world of child sex trafficking.

We, at “,” recommend that all parents of minors (under 18) enlist a control app to monitor their child’s internet activity. Indeed, this occurs almost entirely on their phones. Parents may consider the use of spyware. It provides access to all of a child’s online movements. Your child’s independence is weighed against the dangers of the apps and the miscreants who exploit them.

Recommended Parental Control Apps


Bark is a solid and effective parental control app. It strikes a good balance between a kid’s/teen’s independence and a parent’s need to monitor their online safety. However, It may not be the best for the younger children whose maturity may not have reached a stage of online independence:

  • It is most effective at alerting parents to issues requiring immediate attention. For instance, the software intelligence of Bark would flag a student experiencing bullying or suicidal ideations.
  • Bark provides students with autonomy to converse with friends free from a doting parent.
  • The weekly cost is equivalent and is only $3.29 or $14 per month
  • Bark tracks 30 of the most popular social sites (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.)


Qustodio’s major drawback maybe its name. It is both difficult to spell and provides no obvious meaning. According to the Urban dictionary, Qustodio means “parental controls that are found very annoying.” Aside from its name, this parental control app features exciting tools:

  • Blocks inappropriate content with smart web filters. And, monitors activity on social networks.
  • Limits apps and games. Games are contained predators who befriend users through the (not so) harmless games.
  • Apple -> uses IOS as its operating system and supports Apple iPhones.
  • Android uses the “Android” operating system
  • Parents can limit their kids’ stream time.
  • Filters proxies/loopholes (what you need to know about these is that predators use to avoid detection).

Parental Control Apps

Norton Family Premier

  • Norton capitalizes on its well-known anti-virus, anti-hacking, and anti-malware proclivities.
  • Time limits and phone blockages are instruments that come with Norton.
  • Norton Family Premier is ideal for monitoring kid’s activities and setting house rules. Additionally, it enables you to locate your child at any moment.
  • Norton can geo-locate anyone in the entire US.
  • Activation is user-friendly.


Life360’s core competency comes from its ability to track kid’s locations from anywhere on the globe.  However, this feature is only of value if your child is in possession of the phone. Child sex traffickers remove this possibility.

  • Installation entails only pairing the parent code with the child’s code.
  • LIFE360 allows for an invitation-only private group that can cater to a family.
  • The geographical sharing feature provides data on historical and real-time (present) physical movements.
  • A Smart feature provides alerts when, for instance, a child enters a school building.

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